What motivates you?  
This is a question that I asked myself today as the snow piled up outside from yet another snowstorm.  The first storm my daughter got me up and out.  The second big storm friends appeared at my door to help.  And today I was not expecting any help and found myself making excuses to get up and out.  I procrastinated by getting other things done such as cleaning out my inbox. Around 3:30 I received an email from a friend asking my opinion on a work related question.  I mentioned that I was trying to get outside to shovel.  The response that came back was: let’s both go out and get it done.  That was enough to motivate me to move off the chair and go outside.  
While I was clearing the driveway I thought about my being motivated from afar and once again I reflected on student learning. 

What motivates our students?  

  • Do they need someone next to them to get work accomplished? 
  • Do they need the promise of company joining them to get going – or having the teacher say I’ll check in on you in five minutes?   
  • Do they need a partner, much like in readers and writer’s workshop, urging them on and providing the listening ear?

What are your thoughts on student motivation?