Working with My Hands

IMG_3388I enjoyed making this necklace with a found stone from Florida, a pearl from an old necklace from Mom and a piece of seaglass


New life from old

New life from old

This hibiscus plant was basically dead in the hallways of our school. The custodian took it outside and a week ago we noticed new life growing on the branches. Today, when walking in the hall, I saw a glimpse of red on the bush. When I went to look at it with my principal, we noticed a dragonfly landing on the bud. While I didn’t capture a photo of the dragonfly, I indeed was witness to a wonderful blessing!

Keeping My Balance

I have been reminded lately about the need for balance in my life – both professionally and personally.  I strive for balance in each part as well as between my personal and professional life. As a person who does not like to say no, I have a difficult time with this concept of balance in my life.  But I am working hard to make a concerted effort this summer.

Last night on Twitter I saw an article on summer professional reading.  The article asked each person to take a photo of their stack of professional books they would be reading this coming summer and then post the photo under #cyberpd.  I thought of the pile under my desk that I tucked there all year long for this purpose and I thought I’d come to school and take a snapshot of my stack. But when I placed the books on the ground to photograph, I thought, where is the balance in this pile?  Am I only going to read professional books? 

It’s summer time after all, so where are the “for fun” books?
I had none.  I left the pile on the ground and thought once again about my quest for balance.  

Yes, I will read lots of professional books this summer (in my hammock on my deck, with a cold lemonade or other beverage in my hands) but I now realize I need to begin my search for my just for fun books too!  

Feel free to leave a title or two for me in my comment section and help me stay balanced.


Each week I push out a “weekly reflection” for my school. The posts, in the form of an email, typically highlights a few thought provoking article about literacy. A few weeks ago I wanted to try a new tech tool so I pushed out this ThingLink highlighting articles and videos about stamina and volume in writer’s workshop.
When I saw a post on the DigiLit facebook page about ThingLink, I decided to post the ThingLink I created for my first ever DigiLink post.