Keeping My Balance

I have been reminded lately about the need for balance in my life – both professionally and personally.  I strive for balance in each part as well as between my personal and professional life. As a person who does not like to say no, I have a difficult time with this concept of balance in my life.  But I am working hard to make a concerted effort this summer.

Last night on Twitter I saw an article on summer professional reading.  The article asked each person to take a photo of their stack of professional books they would be reading this coming summer and then post the photo under #cyberpd.  I thought of the pile under my desk that I tucked there all year long for this purpose and I thought I’d come to school and take a snapshot of my stack. But when I placed the books on the ground to photograph, I thought, where is the balance in this pile?  Am I only going to read professional books? 

It’s summer time after all, so where are the “for fun” books?
I had none.  I left the pile on the ground and thought once again about my quest for balance.  

Yes, I will read lots of professional books this summer (in my hammock on my deck, with a cold lemonade or other beverage in my hands) but I now realize I need to begin my search for my just for fun books too!  

Feel free to leave a title or two for me in my comment section and help me stay balanced.

2 Replies to “Keeping My Balance”

  1. I try to read a combination of books, too, rotating between novel, non-fiction, and mindlessly entertaining! Last summer, I loved The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Outliers (Malcolm Gladwell), How Children Succeed (Paul Tough), and Catching Fire. I haven't decided what's on my list for this summer, though I've heard great things about Gone Girl and Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Happy summer, and happy reading!!

  2. Your stack is much more realistic than mine! I have the same problem about reading books just for fun. A friend gave me The Goldfinch for my birthday and I'm determined to at least read that. Happy reading!

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