Wanting to be a Wild Reader

This summer I decided to stretch a bit in  my professional life so I joined #cyberpd, reading Donalyn Miller’s book: Reading in the Wild.  The online book club challenged me to read the book and then write a post for three consecutive weeks about the specific chapters of the book. I thoroughly loved reading the thoughts from other professionals and reviewing the points of the text that I might have missed. 
Last night we ended our time together with a twitter chat hosted by the cyberpd organizers (Michelle Nero, Laura Komos, and Cathy Mere) and the author Donalyn Miller.  The chat was quick and lively and filled with challenging questions and wonderful responses to those questions.  I was actively tweeting until the last question: Share a book you read this summer that you can’t WAIT to share w/students! Suddenly I realized that while I read lots of summer time fun reads and many professional books, I had not read one single children’s book. I was frozen thinking what kind of mentoring could I do this school year if I didn’t read any new children’s literature? I felt a quick sense of embarrassment realizing that I wasn’t that diversified in my summertime reading. I am not being too harsh on myself, it was just a realization that I need to be reading all sorts of books, but especially those that I can share with the children I serve. Lesson learned – thank you Donalyn and company!

So I end my post today reflecting on the question I ask the teachers at the end of any PD that I plan: What is one thing you will change as a result of this PD?  My answer today is, I want to change my reading habits to be a wild reader of many differing genre, and wanting to be a wild reader is the first step to being one!  Wish me luck. 

2 Replies to “Wanting to be a Wild Reader”

  1. Great final reflection and for sharing your realization!! Thanks for joining us on this #cyberPD journey! The community makes it!

    Best of luck as you “balance out your reading diet”! I hope you got some good suggestions … and you have a couple weeks to get in some great reads!

    Thanks again Christine! Happy WiLd reading!

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