Surrounded by color


I am not very strategic about color placement in my garden, rather I’m kind of haphazard. I love these wild combinations!  Watch out for that chair in the background – the one with the booby trapped leg!

Learning from reflecting

I consider myself a fairly reflective person.  Thinking about my actions and reactions on a continual basis helps me to move forward with fresh insight.  But I was challenged with my reflective practice as I read the Donalyn Miller book: Reading in the Wild, and participate in my first ever #cyberpd.  This week we were asked to read and comment on chapter 1 and 2.  I tagged the quote by John Dewey: “We do not learn from experience…we learn from reflecting on experience”. Donalyn’s words in the section challenged me to not only reflect on my reading life, which I regularly do, but more importantly to share my reflections with others, particularly our students.  This was a new insight that has lots of possibilities for the children and teachers I work with on a regular basis. Thinking about discussing how I choose books, why I abandon books and even do I abandon books with others will be refreshing and an eye opening experience.  I believe this new way of sharing my reflective practice will open many doors as I strive to model being a wild reader!