What’s Your Mantra this Year?

The new school year is much like a January new year for many of us – filled with resolutions and promises.  Lately I heard from a few of my peers that they have new quotes to guide them this new school year.  My principal started things off when she said her quote for the year would be from Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame.   “Make it work” is her quote of the year as we look at integrating reading workshop.  Yesterday I met with a teacher to discuss schedule concerns. We looked over and over again at her day and discussed what was important and what needed to go.  Her email to me last night stated that she had re-worked her schedule, made some necessary adjustments but had to leave out some things she loved to do but were no longer needed.  She said her quote this year was “let it go!”  And then, just this morning as I was reading a few emails, I came across an article about quotes for children and one quote jumped off the page and sang to me: “you can do anything, but not everything.”  Boy, did I need to hear those words.  As I try to make adjustments to my long days and nights I promised myself to leave at a more reasonable hour each afternoon. This will not be easy for me so I challenge you all to remind me of my mantra.  

What is your quote for the year?  Please consider sharing your quote with us so we can support each other in our quest to be better teachers and better people in general.

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