Ornament Memories – Lake Powell and beyond


Our trip to Lake Powell and the west was the trip where I caught the travel bug. This was also the trip that sealed our friendship with the Campos family. The 17 day journey has way too many memories to record here, but let’s just say it was a trip of a lifetime.

Ornament Memories – glass snowman


We visited the Corning Glass factory in NY on the way to present WWME LTR weekend in Cleveland Ohio in the summer of 2012. Our trip in the truck including stops in PA as well. Another great week long adventure in our truck camper.

Ornament Memories – Bar Harbor


In the summer of 2012 we traveled to Bar Harbor Maine with Sarah, Jon and Tina. We enjoyed a week of delightful weather and the beautiful sights along the Maine coast. We hiked, swam and enjoyed quiet times. My favorite memory of this trip was the first night meal of mussels at a fabulous outdoor patio.

Ornament Memories – From the home


This is the only ornament I recall having on my tree growing up. I recall looking at this ornament and enjoying all the tiny details in this little ornament. I was so happy when my mom gave it to me. I guess she knew it was special to me. I am still surprised each time I look at it that is is cheap plastic, I always recall it being carved wood! Ah… Childhood fantasies!