Every Reading Skill is a Life Skill ~ Thank you Lucy Calkins

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend the Coaching Institute hosted by Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project. The four-day long institute opened with Lucy Calkins speaking in her usual eloquent and passionate manner.  Her words often propel me forward and cause me to pause and think about literacy in some profound way.  This time was no exception as she stated: “every reading skill is a life skill.”  I took note and thought about the reading skills that are also my life skills: predicting, questioning, synthesizing and even envisioning. I tweeted the quote and tucked the thoughts away for a while until this past weekend when I was in my backyard in the 30+” of snow and loading up the toboggan with firewood to haul onto the deck.  

We were struggling and pushing the sled towards the deck when my daughter proclaimed that she felt like Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I chuckled and immediately thought of Lucy’s words:  “Every reading skill is a life skill.”  Probably not quite the way Lucy intended it but it made me smile as I recalled all the great stories we read to our children as they were growing up.  The precious moments of snuggling in bed with a great read aloud whether it be Good Night Moon, Pat the Bunny or Little House on the Prairie, left lasting impressions on us, parent and child. I thought about the life skills we taught our children as we read to them each night: love, concern, thoughtfulness and patience.  I am grateful for those days and memories and know without a doubt that every reading skill is a life skill.  Thank you Lucy!