Slowing Down by Powering Down

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to spend quality time with family.  The day was a hot and humid 90 degrees, not typical for Memorial Day in Massachusetts, but I didn’t care because it meant my children, and my new granddaughter, wanted to come to the lake and get cool.
IMG_2558.JPGDue to the heat of the sun on our patio, and wet dogs shaking off lake water, we all made the decision to place our phones inside on a shelf by the lake front door to keep them safe. That meant no clocks, no texts, no phone calls for the afternoon.

What resulted was a lazy day of floating, chatting, cuddling and laughing.  We even made time for ice cream cones mid-afternoon.

We live in such a connected world and unplugging for the afternoon was a gift to us all.  Our original thought of placing the phones inside to protect them worked. More important than the phones however, was the gift of spending uninterrupted quality time together.  We have since made the decision to create a phone basket inside the door where we can safely store our electronic devices. Not to keep them safe from the heat of the sun or the water from the wet dogs, rather so we can better reconnect with each other and slow down and simply be for a few hours.

4 Replies to “Slowing Down by Powering Down”

  1. What I love most about when we go high mountain camping is that there is no service and so phones and other devices are pretty much useless. (ok, I do sudoko puzzles sometimes) But mostly it is freeing to be in the wild away from technology.

  2. Brilliant idea. Turning off. Tuning out. Being present. Staying in the moment. So refreshing! Maribeth Batcho

  3. I can see why you wanted to keep your phones inside and snuggle with your granddaughter. She is absolutely precious! Definitely a moment to cherish and live again! ~Amy

  4. I have resisted getting a smart phone for this very reason. I feel as though I spend enough time “connected”, both at home and at work. Much better to ensure that we connect face to face, in real time.

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