Being a Grandmother is GRAND

Bebe playing early morning Patty Cake!
Summer is here and it is affording me the time to really get to know my new granddaughter. She is now three months old and already starting to develop a personality.  

When I am with her, it’s hard to let go of the teacher in me: Playing patty cake and thinking about the importance of muscle tone and movement.  Singing songs and focusing on rhythm and rhyme and repetitive sounds. Reading books and pointing to the animals and faces and colors and shapes.  It is so much fun to see her come alive and react to all of these experiences and grow into a little person.

But teacher aside, this grandmother, or Bebe as I hope she will call me, wants to take off the teacher hat and simply be for her. Yes, I will continue to read and sing and play rhyming games, but I will also hold her and cuddle her and let her know most importantly that she is loved.  

And I get to repeat all this with my first grandson due in July! Lucky me!

Each Tuesday I write to help hone my craft and to belong to a community of writers. Thank you Two Writing Teachers.

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