Time for a Walk

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing me and so many others with a community of writers to guide us on our writing journey.

Time for a Walk
I took a walk yesterday on the Columbus Day holiday.  It was a chance to get outside for a change of scenery with my daughters and my new little grandson.  I spent the morning prepping for a day of professional development and I needed a break.  The weather was sunny and chilly and the colors around the lake were just beginning to show their glory.  I couldn’t help but stop at every bend to capture the beauty of the lake, trees and sunshine.  As I walked through the woods I was so inspired by the natural beauty of the day that I wanted to write, write, write.  Poems were popping out of no where and stories of walks when our kids were little were quickly coming into my mind.  The exercise had cleared the cobwebs and I was bursting with writing enthusiasm.

Once home I started to think about the creative juices that flowed due to my walk.  Without that walk I would have been stuck at my laptop regurgitating the same old ideas.  The fresh air cleared my brain and allowed for many new ideas to surface.  What might happen if I take my walking break to my students?  Would allowing for walking breaks get the creative juices flowing?  Would changes in setting and routine bring about fresh ideas?  Would traveling to the nature trail encourage poems and other creative words?  I can only guess that the answer would be yes.  I am excited to try it out and see what might blossom. After all what have I got to lose?  I think I’ll only have much to gain.

One Reply to “Time for a Walk”

  1. Sometimes we just need to step away and enjoy the serenity and scenery around us. Your picture has captured it too. I can't agree with you more, we have much to gain.

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