‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season
‘Tis the Season
‘Tis the Season
But Wait!


YES! ‘Tis the Season!

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Holiday Creations

I spent the weekend making things, simple little holiday gifts for family and friends.  It was great taking the time out of the busy-ness of the season to use my hands and a different part of the brain than I typically use at work and there is something about making that feels right to me.  The urge to get crafty and design a homemade gift often strikes at this time of year. I think it goes back to my youth when there was always a project in the works.  
Our family was of little means but we always had junk to create with: glue, paper, paint, clay, wire… all kinds of stuff.  I have fond memories of making simple doll clothes out of little white socks, cutting holes for arms and pulling it together with a ribbon belt.  Homemade beads were fashioned out of old magazines with colorful pages that we cut into long triangular strips and rolled tightly around a toothpick with a single dot of glue to hold it all together. Colorful telephone wire became sculptures of many shapes and sizes. Our hands were always busy using the materials we found around the house to make something new and novel for ourselves and for others. My mom would join in the fun for she too was very creative and good with a needle and thread. Dad fostered the artsy movement by finding all sorts of found objects for us to use. It truly was a fun family thing that we shared and still share to this day. I am not sure if this creative spirit is in the genes or in the environment in which I was raised but either way I am very grateful to my parents for this gift of creativity.
Spending this weekend was more than just creating gifts, it was also about re-living those making days from my youth. I captured so many nostalgic feelings this weekend, bringing a sense of simple joy to my holiday season.  I believe it’s that joy that drives me to continue to make year after year.

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