Doing Good

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others?” Martin Luther King Jr.

Last weekend I was the recipient of three separate neighbors helping me in the snow. One neighbor appeared on my front deck mid morning to simply shovel my walk and front door. He said he was out in his yard and thought he’d shovel the doorway. Later that day my neighboring brother in law showed up to snow-blow the driveway, knowing that we were having company the next day. The snow ended late Saturday night so I was out early in the morning to clear the driveway of the 6″ of snowfall. It was then that another neighbor stopped by saying hello and let me plow the end of your driveway for you. I was humbled by three wonderfully kind deeds in less that 24 hours. 

As I was driving home from work the next day, I noticed the Martin Luther King Jr. quote on a church sign: “What are you doing for others?”  I immediately thought of being the recipient of three people going out of their way to do good for me and the joy I felt being the recipient of these good deeds.   
I reflected back to my one little word for this year, joy.  If being the recipient of good deeds brings joy wouldn’t there be even more joy to do the good?  This all leaves me challenged with how to do for others.  Maybe it’s as simple as a smile, a hello, or asking how’s it going and waiting and listening to the response.  
It seems I have another plan to keep joy at the forefront, simply do good for others.

Thank you to Two Writing Teachers for hosting the Slice of Life blog that supports fledgling writers as myself.

3 Replies to “Doing Good”

  1. What a wonderful thing to be loved by one another. I love that you are going to share joy with others by doing good for them. This is something good to keep in mind.

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