Fresh Start

Today is day 1 of the month long Slice of Life writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  

Fresh Start

It’s Day 1 of the Slice of Life Challenge and I’m feeling hopeful.  My templates are prepared, my schedule is set, and my list of ideas is growing.  My hopeful feeling is like I feel anytime I get a new journal and I see the clean white pages that hold the promise of a host of great ideas and thoughts. This hopeful feeling smells like spring air and tastes like the perfect lemon meringue pie awakening the taste of sweet and tart at the same time. Maybe this feeling is how students feel when they clean out their writing folders and begin a new writing unit, a clean slate, a time to start anew, with anticipation for all the possibilities that this new genre can bring. 
March 1st is also Ash Wednesday.  I personally am intrigued by the coincidence that this writing challenge begins on this first day of Lent, a time devoted to personal reflection and change.  What a combination, writing and reflecting. This thought certainly adds to my hopeful feeling, making it grow stronger as I dwell on writing every day about a little slice of my life to share with this great community of readers.

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