#Cyberpd 2017 – Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading – Week 1

I am excited to read the book Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading by Vicki Vinton this summer and be part of a collaborative discussion on the contents of the book with the wonderful participants through #cyberpd. 
This week we focused on thoughts from the introduction through chapter 4.  My book is chockful of yellow highlighting so now I am tasked with synthesizing the most important points from these 53+ pages.
I was intrigued by the various methods other participants were using to jot their thoughts down, but sketch-noting hit a chord with me.  I am not certain if there is a right or wrong way to sketch-note, but I thought I’d use my new set of colorful markers and jot down a few quotes and key words.  I am embracing the diving in and trying something new – it may be messy but it helped me synthesize my key thoughts for this section of the book.

4 Replies to “#Cyberpd 2017 – Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading – Week 1”

  1. Christine – I just started trying out sketch notes to synthesize takeaways from chapters 1-4 and I am loving it! Next up chapters 5 and 6!

    Lisa – I agree on the importance of creative thinking and not getting hung up on the right answer. Who gets to say what the right answer is anyway? It could be different for different people depending on what's in their heads and in their hearts.

  2. I talk too much and write too much. Twitter has made me stop doing that, and narrow my thinking down to it's essence. I think sketch noting would make me do this too. I should give it a try. I've been thinking a lot about creative thinking too. It's so important not to get hung up on The Right answer.

  3. Hi Christine,

    I really like the sketch note idea! I think it is something I will try with my 4th graders this school year as they choose different ways to write about their reading!
    I also noticed a number of different things in your sketch notes that I also commented on in my reflection. The one I think I am going to make my classroom mantra this coming school year is the Miss Frizzle quote, “Take a risk, make mistakes, get messy!”. I also reflected on the quote about students being more than just a reading level. I find that there are so many teachers who still don't “get” this.

  4. Hi Christine. Your sketch notes seem like a great way to synthesize important points from our reading. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new papermate colored mechanical pencils tomorrow and I think I might just try them out on some sketch notes for the synthesis of chapters 7 and 8!

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