#cyberpd – Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: week 3

It’s week 3 of the #cyberpd book study on Vicki Vinton’s book: Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading.  I am once again synthesizing my take aways and quotes using a sketch note technique and in the process I am learning how to simplify my thinking in a visual format that will be easy to recall the big gleanings from this text come fall.
This week I am also adding a few lingering questions to my notes. I welcome any help or ideas to guide me in answering these questions.

2 Replies to “#cyberpd – Dynamic Teaching for Deeper Reading: week 3”

  1. I appreciate you notes. This question; “Can I adapt this thinking to our current UOS? gets to the heart of the matter, bringing it to the classroom. In my upper grade classroom I've use this thinking during read aloud and small group work. Getting your students to notice and wonder while you listen will open so many doors and windows. I think it allows breathing room teachers to notice the power of students' thinking. Looking forward to more of your sketchnotes!

  2. Love the way you captured your thinking. We had many of the same ideas and questions. The whole notion of helping students move to understanding is fascinating. As we were reading, we thought about the power of sketching in helping to show your understanding – Perhaps sketching (as you did here) will help kids discover when they are understanding and when they are collecting facts. Looking forward to reading more about helping students gain insights as they read nonfiction.

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