Lessons Learned at a Writing Retreat

The idea came to me months ago – a teacher’s summer writing retreat – held at my lakefront home, where teachers could sit leisurely and write and think and spend time discussing toolkits and student engagement.

The retreat wound up being one of the highlights of my summer. The six of us wrote, and laughed, and even cried together.  We wrote and read our small moment stories and our not so small moment stories.  We supported and commented and read some more.  And then we reflected. 

What did I discover today? 

The answers were very similar among us all:  

  • I need to write more.
  • I want to capture those small moments in a journal as they happen so I won’t forget.
  • Talking about writing is extremely helpful.

Then the big question was asked:  How will the work of today guide me as a teacher of writing? 

The answer was unanimous:

I need have have my students write more, journal more, and talk more!

I call that a successful writing retreat!

A Letter to My Grandson on the Occasion of His First Birthday

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A Letter to My Grandson on the Occasion of His First Birthday

Dear George,
Happy 1st Birthday!

I can not believe that you are 1 year old today! I recall that hot August day last year waiting for that call to say you have arrived.  And finally you did: All 8 pounds and 15 ounces of you! You were a true bundle of joy that loved to be rocked and rocked and rocked.  You needed to keep on moving, and still do!

How delighted I was to hear your name for the first time: George David.  Named after two very important men in our lives: your great grandfather and your grandfather.  Both of these men have the same twinkle in their eyes. Both of these men love adventure and travel.  And both of these men are looking down on you and smiling at the love and joy you are bringing to this family!

George, you are quick with a smile and a hug.  Your chunky cheeks beg to be kissed over and over again.  And apparently you love these kisses too, as when I stop you always lean in for more.  Don’t stop being a love bug!

And you are so friendly too: saying hi to everyone that passes your way, especially your own reflection in a mirror or window! Don’t stop being so friendly!

You are a mover and an explorer, frequently wondering what’s behind that chair or around that corner.  Your curiosity keeps us running and laughing.  You are indeed a Curious George!  Don’t stop wondering!

Happy First Birthday George!  I love you more and more each day.

Love, Bebe