My One Little Word

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My One Little Word

269 days ago I wrote about my one little word.  This word that was going to be my driving force for the 365 days of the year 2017.  This word that would propel me to a better place. This word would make its way into many of my slices.  This little word was joy.

269 days ago I wrote with such enthusiasm about keeping this word at the fore front of all my thinking and being. And yet today, I realize I was not diligent about keeping my one little word present in my day to day thoughts.  

269 days have past and have I experienced joy?  Yes indeed.  I just haven’t written much about the experiences.  The quick moments of joy are just that, quick moments.  I know from experience that when I do capture these joyful moments in writing, the joyfulness expands and fosters even more joy.

269 days in 2017. Some joyful moments captures, others lost.  My favorite joy of late?  The sight of my grandchildren running down the driveway with open arms waiting for a big hug from me.  Is there a greater joy that a hug from a loved one?  I think not!

269 days of joy, wrapped up in two arms, and one blog post.

Four Blessings

I am proud to be writing this blog as part of Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  

Four Blessings

Shortly after my husband died, I received a blessing bracelet from a dear friend.  The “instructions” that came with the bracelet suggested you touch each of the four white beads while silently thinking about persons or things that you are grateful for, with the hopes that the more blessings you name, the more you would find.  I followed the directions and found comfort in naming those people and things that lifted me up in a time of such great need. I thought about my family, my home, and the colleagues that came to my side.  I reflected on the graceful heron that flew overhead at just the right moment, and the smiling children that we greeted at the door each morning.  I was finding blessings all around me, thanks to that bracelet, and I became more aware of all the gifts in my life.  

After some time I stopped wearing the bracelet, taking it out occasionally on a blue day to remind me of those wonders in my life.

But yesterday I took that bracelet out to wear again because sadly, the friend who gifted me with this bracelet lost her battle with cancer.  Putting that bracelet on my wrist suddenly took on a new meaning.  I decided for now to dwell on the gifts my friend shared with me: endless fortitude, genuine care for all she came in contact with, a gentle sense of humor, and deep love of family.  Those are certainly wonderful gifts to hang on to, and gifts that will carry me through these heavy days.

Today I say: Thank you for the love and care you gave to me and to so many others. I am blessed much more than four times because of your presence in my life. 

Why Can’t I Write?

I am proud to be writing this blog as part of Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out! 

Why Can’t I Write
Why can’t I write
Why can’t I write

Is it because I am thinking about the universal screener we are rolling out, the training we are completing to go along with that, the new schedules, the new teachers I want to meet with, the stack of books that need to be inventoried, stamped and distributed, the contractor who hasn’t returned my phone call, the dust on my bedroom furniture (ok – I wasn’t really worried about that), dinner plans?

So – yes – maybe my brain is full – too full.  But isn’t everyone’s brain full?  Aren’t they writing a slice each week?

Why can’t I write?

I really don’t have an answer except I am not focused on writing at all. And I need focus to write.

Why can’t he write?
Why can’t she write?

Is it because he is thinking about a new classroom, new friends, new bus route, new routines, new shoes that don’t fit, or no new shoes like everyone else, buying lunch in the cafeteria, snack time, and recess problems.

Or maybe it is because her brain is full of other stuff and she isn’t focused on writing at all. And he needs focus to write.


What do we do when we can’t focus enough to write OR when our students aren’t ready to focus enough to write. 

I am dwelling on this tonight, but would love to hear your thoughts too!

The Power of We: A Reflection on the Celebration of 60 Years of Marriage

I am proud to be writing this blog as part of Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out! 

The Power of We: 
A Reflection on the Celebration of 60 Years of Marriage

We traveled from near and far to the scenic and historic resort, The Mount Washington Hotel, for a long Labor Day weekend. 

We gathered 3 great grandchildren, 8 grandchildren and their spouses, 3 sons and their wives, and of course the guests of honor and the hosts for the weekend, the parents.

Showing off our t-shirts – #partyhatson

We hiked, biked, walked, laughed, cried and laughed some more.

We toasted to many years of happiness and to the upcoming additions to our families (2 more great grandchildren – Yeah!).

3 great grandchildren

We rose early to board the Cog Railway to ride to the top of Mount Washington, the “home of the world’s worst weather” only to experience the world’s worst weather – zero visibility, rain and 66 mph wind gusts!

It was beautiful at the base!
We had to quickly take this picture for fear of our camera blowing away

We ate and ate and ate some more – and then we played some great games, including the The Newlywed and Not-So-Newlywed Game and Cards for Humanity.

We marveled at the beauty and grandeur of the White Mountains and the wildlife it sustains, especially the bear that poked around while we had our family portraits.

All of this because two people fell in love and fostered this family focused on we. They have celebrated love and life, overcome great loss, and walked gracefully through the years, all 60 of them!  What a celebration and a testament to what true love is all about!  

We thank you for all of this and We love you Lois and Bob!