Why Can’t I Write?

I am proud to be writing this blog as part of Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out! 

Why Can’t I Write
Why can’t I write
Why can’t I write

Is it because I am thinking about the universal screener we are rolling out, the training we are completing to go along with that, the new schedules, the new teachers I want to meet with, the stack of books that need to be inventoried, stamped and distributed, the contractor who hasn’t returned my phone call, the dust on my bedroom furniture (ok – I wasn’t really worried about that), dinner plans?

So – yes – maybe my brain is full – too full.  But isn’t everyone’s brain full?  Aren’t they writing a slice each week?

Why can’t I write?

I really don’t have an answer except I am not focused on writing at all. And I need focus to write.

Why can’t he write?
Why can’t she write?

Is it because he is thinking about a new classroom, new friends, new bus route, new routines, new shoes that don’t fit, or no new shoes like everyone else, buying lunch in the cafeteria, snack time, and recess problems.

Or maybe it is because her brain is full of other stuff and she isn’t focused on writing at all. And he needs focus to write.


What do we do when we can’t focus enough to write OR when our students aren’t ready to focus enough to write. 

I am dwelling on this tonight, but would love to hear your thoughts too!

4 Replies to “Why Can’t I Write?”

  1. Seems like you found something to write about — I think giving kids (and ourselves) space is critical. Just thinking about writing really is writing. For me the answer is almost always moving – I write when I move. I always tell kids to take a walk around the classroom or down the hall – typically unlocks the creative juices! Sounds like you have a lot going on at school! Hang in there.

  2. One of the benefits of writing is that we learn what it's like to write. Sometimes it's really, really hard to just sit down and write, but we ask our kids to do that all the time. Your craft moves in this piece are WRITING! If only all teachers could understand what gets in the way as well as your post reflects!

  3. You dump it all down. Doesn't matter what it looks like because, that is writing and that is how you get started. You just write. Red Smith said, “Writing Is easy; you just open a vein and bleed.” Sometimes it is painful to get started.

    I love your slice. The format and repetition. The questions. Keep writing cause we are waiting to read!

  4. Ha! This is way that my brain feels right now too. It must be that time of the year.

    When I have students that can't focus, I tell them to go get a drink of water or go to the bathroom. Sometimes a quick change of scenery helps. I try to start with small writing times so they can get success in just a few minutes and then slowly increase it over time. I hope this helps!

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