Four Blessings

I am proud to be writing this blog as part of Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  

Four Blessings

Shortly after my husband died, I received a blessing bracelet from a dear friend.  The “instructions” that came with the bracelet suggested you touch each of the four white beads while silently thinking about persons or things that you are grateful for, with the hopes that the more blessings you name, the more you would find.  I followed the directions and found comfort in naming those people and things that lifted me up in a time of such great need. I thought about my family, my home, and the colleagues that came to my side.  I reflected on the graceful heron that flew overhead at just the right moment, and the smiling children that we greeted at the door each morning.  I was finding blessings all around me, thanks to that bracelet, and I became more aware of all the gifts in my life.  

After some time I stopped wearing the bracelet, taking it out occasionally on a blue day to remind me of those wonders in my life.

But yesterday I took that bracelet out to wear again because sadly, the friend who gifted me with this bracelet lost her battle with cancer.  Putting that bracelet on my wrist suddenly took on a new meaning.  I decided for now to dwell on the gifts my friend shared with me: endless fortitude, genuine care for all she came in contact with, a gentle sense of humor, and deep love of family.  Those are certainly wonderful gifts to hang on to, and gifts that will carry me through these heavy days.

Today I say: Thank you for the love and care you gave to me and to so many others. I am blessed much more than four times because of your presence in my life. 

7 Replies to “Four Blessings”

  1. Chris, I don't know much about the writing process, but this was beautifully written and prompted a lot of emotion. I had no idea about the bracelet, how thoughtful and something special that you will cherish forever. She was an amazing person who we were fortunate to have as a part of our lives. Thank you so very much for sharing your blessings with us!❤️

  2. Thank you for sharing this. Although your story is sad, the way you framed it gave me a sense of hope. Today was a difficult day for me personally but reading your blog reminded me to be thankful for the little things. So for the rest of the day I am going to try to hold on to at least one blessing.

  3. Your post is beautifully crafted and heartbreakingly sad. I'm sorry for your losses, Christine. Wear your bracelet and touch your beads, and know that you have inspired others near and far to be grateful for the people in their lives who bring love and care. Thank you for sharing the wisdom that loss brings. I love Adrienne's comment that “today, you were my bracelet.” Yes.

  4. Oh my. This is such a beautiful posts. Life throws so many tough, tough things our way. It is a wonder how we keep going but one thing I know for sure is how you handle a situation is everything. I'm sure that some days the burdens seem too heavy to bare and you have found a way to carry this burden without quitting for good. My very dear friend just lost her sister to very tragic circumstances and I haven't known what to do until reading your post. Than you for sharing your pain and one of your ways to cope. ❤

  5. I got a little weepy. I thought about four people I could name, and people I know who have passed recently. That is not a criticism. I am actually really grateful for this post. Some days are just so busy I don't stop and think about them. Today, you were my bracelet.

  6. So sorry…. I know craft may not have been what you were going for in the piece… however, you did craft it beautifully. The tension rose ever so slightly. The reader wondered, worried and then confirmed. We felt it with you. I hope we, your readers, lift you up and carry you through these days.

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