My One Little Word

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My One Little Word

269 days ago I wrote about my one little word.  This word that was going to be my driving force for the 365 days of the year 2017.  This word that would propel me to a better place. This word would make its way into many of my slices.  This little word was joy.

269 days ago I wrote with such enthusiasm about keeping this word at the fore front of all my thinking and being. And yet today, I realize I was not diligent about keeping my one little word present in my day to day thoughts.  

269 days have past and have I experienced joy?  Yes indeed.  I just haven’t written much about the experiences.  The quick moments of joy are just that, quick moments.  I know from experience that when I do capture these joyful moments in writing, the joyfulness expands and fosters even more joy.

269 days in 2017. Some joyful moments captures, others lost.  My favorite joy of late?  The sight of my grandchildren running down the driveway with open arms waiting for a big hug from me.  Is there a greater joy that a hug from a loved one?  I think not!

269 days of joy, wrapped up in two arms, and one blog post.

2 Replies to “My One Little Word”

  1. ” Is there a greater joy that a hug from a loved one?” Thanks for this reminder of capturing joyful moments and how writing about them expands them and fosters even more joy. Here's to more joy in the remaining three months of 2017.

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