You Can Do It!

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you join in?

You Can Do It!

My brother in law Joe, stopped by last Saturday while I was cleaning my garage.  He was commenting on the recent repairs made to the roof and siding of the garage. I lamented that I still had to solve the issue of the water dripping down from the gutter.  “That’s a simple fix  Chris!” At which point he quickly and excitedly described the steps I needed to take to get the downspout into place. He even offered to cut the gutter for me once I got home, knowing that I probably didn’t own the right tool.  There was no hesitation in his voice.  He had confidence in my ability to get the job done.  After listening to his enthusiastic directions I wanted to jump into the car and drive right to my nearby home center to get started on the task. 

Later I thought about this interaction as a great teaching move.  Joe had laid out the installation in simple steps that were easy to follow.  His enthusiasm was contagious and encouraged me to get started NOW.  What I most appreciated was his enthusiastic and  encouraging way that gave me the sense that I could do this repair job on my own. I felt confident!  His offer to cut the gutter, was that little assistance that could be put in place once I got started.  I know that Joe could have easily said he would do the job for me, but he encouraged me to do it on my own.  He had faith in my ability and gave me the tools and where-with-all to get the job done.  

The teaching moves I want to emulate are: giving simple steps, talking with enough enthusiasm and  encouragement to bring about confidence, and finally providing assistance when using new and special tools.  Thanks Joe, for providing me with the tools, know-how, and can do attitude to get the job done.  You provided me with that reminder of how I should approach my students when they encounter difficulties.  

By the way, I’ll be down next weekend to get that piece of downspout cut!

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