Happy Birthday or is it Happy Anniversary

It’s Tuesday and The Two Writing Teachers are inviting you to join them on their Slice of Life blog.  Feel free to join in! 

Happy Birthday or is it Happy Anniversary?

Yesterday was my oldest daughter’s birthday.  As I was leaving for work I went to say happy birthday and give her a hug, and she replied with “And Happy Anniversary to being a mother!”  I wasn’t expecting that response.  It made me think about that day years ago when I first become a mother.  It was a wonderful time in my life as I felt so proud and filled with such love.  Fast forward to now. I still feel proud and full of love thinking about my children, my grandchildren, and my family in general.  Each day they do or say something to make me stand tall and proud.   

Happy Birthday Sarah and thank you for once again giving me that different perspective.  

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