My Not So Traditional Thanksgiving Tradition

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My Not So Traditional Thanksgiving Tradition

I have written many slice of life posts about my need to keep traditions alive.  Traditions provide me with stability in the craziness of my days. I love traditions so much that I put much effort into maintaining them or making them remain in some form or another. Such is the case of my pumpkin pie tradition.

Thanksgiving = pumpkin pie.  It was that way since I could remember.  The turkey, stuffing, and gravy was nice, but my day revolved around the pumpkin pie.  As our children grew older and our Thanksgiving traditions started to change, I knew that a few of my traditions might need to be altered.  It actually started that fateful year when there was NO pumpkin pie for dessert.  I was devastated and went home feeling sad and disappointed.  The next year I announced to my family that I wasn’t going to let another Thanksgiving Day go by without having that beloved piece of pumpkin pie. I decided to make my own pie and I would savor it  with my morning coffee. Since that day I have eaten my pie early in the day, before the frenzy begins AND before I am too full to enjoy it!  It has become such a wonderful way to start my day of gratitude. 

This year we enjoyed our slice of pie with our neighbors bundled up in blankets and in front of a fire pit.  As we enjoyed our morning treat we watched the swans swimming by, the geese nibbling on weeds, and the ducks dipping down into the depths looking for morning snacks.  

Enjoying this moment made us all slow down for a few minutes to taste the pumpkin pie and to enjoy the nature show.  It set the tone for the day and left me feeling very thankful and grateful for good food, wonderful neighbors, and an abundance of family times ahead!  I love this not so traditional Thanksgiving tradition!

6 Replies to “My Not So Traditional Thanksgiving Tradition”

  1. That is awesome!! Love it so much. We always start with a hike and then breakfast as a neighborhood -kids playing tag football in the yards. It really makes a difference to start slowly and savor.

    Thank you for sharing

  2. Christine,
    We've had dessert at 10 and dinner at 2 on many, many holidays courtesy of my son's brilliant thinking. This year we enjoyed dinner prepared by my Korean sister-in-law. No turkey or dressing but some of the most elegant dishes that were tasty and so pleasing to the eye. This year, after an absolutely devastating year, it was all about the folks gathered around the table! People first and food second . . . a new tradition!

  3. This. I need to do this. Rather than stress yourself to keep the tradition alive 'just because', you changed your thinking and re-imagined a tradition now more enjoyable than before. This is a good lesson that traditions may be traditions, but we can make them our own over time.

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