Winter is Coming

It’s Tuesday and The Two Writing Teachers are inviting you to join them on their Slice of Life blog.  Feel free to join in! 


The skim coating of ice 

Sunrise over the ice coated lake

Appeared on the lake this morning
The first of the season
It signals a change.

The ice brings joy
Families skating arm in arm
Children wobbling on new blades
Grandparents pushing sleds of smiles.

The ice mirrors the sun
And blinds us with the glow
It brightens up the house
And makes everyone bright.

One look at the scene
Playing out the window
One can imagine 
Norman Rockwell enjoying it too.

It’s scenes like these
That remind us of the wonder and joy
That the four seasons offer
Here in New England.

3 Replies to “Winter is Coming”

  1. This is a scene of beautiful winter. We had the opposite of beautiful today. The icy rain felt evil. Only a week ago my home town was like Winter Wonderland with a thick coat of fluffy snow. The seasons change. The weather changes. Wishing you more of the beauty for this winter season.

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