Pause – My One Little Word

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Pause – My One Little Word

My curly headed shadow
on the screen as I write this post

I sit here at my computer thinking about which slice to choose to write about this week when the sun suddenly comes out and streams across the floor and onto my back.  I feel the warmth and I instantly think: soak it in Chris, it’s February in Massachusetts and this warmth is like a gift. 


The warmth reminds me to pause, my one little word. I stop and take it in.  In front of me the lake is a bright reflection of the sky on the ice, a fine blue-silver color that makes the afternoon sparkle.  The puddle of mud on the lake’s edge reminds me that winter might be in the soil but atop that frost lies some indications that spring could be coming soon.  I dream… for I know that March and even April have bore some nasty weather.  I take this as a reprieve and soak in the ideas and possibilities of the spring soon to come. I chuckle at the sun glimmering on the screen, accenting all the dusty spots and dirt.  I pause again and smile.  Someday I’ll be a fastidious cleaner – someday – maybe. 
But for today, for this brief moment, I want to take it in, relish the warmth at my back, and simply pause.

6 Replies to “Pause – My One Little Word”

  1. I know April is the cruelest month in TS Eliot's world, but for me, February in New England is a particular layer of hell. It's like the 22 mile mark in a marathon, where runners typically hit the proverbial wall. How nice to have a word that reminds you to look deeply, to breathe in a rich moment.

  2. Christine, what a powerful word–pause. A chance to recognize gifts, like warm rays of sunshine. A moment to ponder possibilities. And what a pretty lake! I say, no, to fastidious cleaning with a view like that.

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