I’ve Moved!

It’s Tuesday – Slice of Life day over at The Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out and consider joining in on the writing fun!


I made a big decision.

I have decided to move my website to another platform.  I began my blogging journey four years ago and I was a rookie.  I simply wanted a platform to write and grow.  The simplicity of my previous platform suited me at the time.

After “slicing” and commenting for three years I have seen many other wonderful sites filled with varying formats and image options.  I attempted to be creative when writing poetry and other craft moves, but was unable due to my choice of the simpler platform.  Now that I have seen what can be possible I crave for it to happen.  I am ready to give it a go and grow to new writing heights.

In my exploration of different platforms I uncovered a site that I had created a few years back.  This site was built to guide me through a rocky time.  It was a place to capture my blessings, in the form of a photo, as a daily reminder that I am surrounded by goodness despite what was swirling around me.  As I looked back on the site and pondered the possibilities I decided to resurrect this site, iblessings, and use it as my new landing page for slices and other thoughts.  It felt right and good to move ahead, like going back home and recalling past times.

Right now the site is a work in progress.  I am learning to navigate this new platform and working on creating a place that suits my needs.  I am excited for the possibilities that this new platform will bring me, especially as I look ahead to participating in my third March Slice of Life challenge.   This move truly is a celebration of my growth in my writing / blogging journey.  I need to recognize that this growth would not have happened had it not been for the “slicing” community that encourages me to continue push the boundaries with the written word. Thank you for that support!

4 Replies to “I’ve Moved!”

  1. Kudos to you for navigating a new platform. I’ve thought about it, but that’s as far as I’ve ever gotten. But some weeks, I get so frustrated with my current platform and crazy formatting issues. Congrats on growing to new writing heights!

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