Challenging Myself Again

It’s Tuesday – Slice of Life day over at The Two Writing Teachers.  Check it out and consider joining in on the writing fun!

Thursday I will begin the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.  Even though this is my third year participating in this challenge I am still feeling slightly hesitant about joining in for the entire 31 days.  I question whether I will have the time, the ideas, or even the stamina to last the entire month, but I take heart in knowing I have traveled this journey two previous years and I have come out feeling encouraged and enriched by my daily act of writing and posting each day.

To prepare myself for this challenge I have created 31 templates, one for each day, with the SOL logo and hashtag in the subject line,  I have made a google doc of ideas for days I get “stuck,” and I have my writer’s notebook at the ready to capture those ideas on the fly.

What makes me most hesitant about my ability to follow through with this month long challenge is that any day now I will become a grandmother for the fourth time in two years!  I wonder if the time spent watching over the big brother, or holding the tiny little newborn grandson will keep me from writing.  Probably not.  More likely this bundle of joy will give me many opportunities, and reasons to write, and gush, for authentic purposes. Don’t we write best when we have strong feelings?

I am so ready!  Are you?

8 Replies to “Challenging Myself Again”

  1. Fabulous preparation … I admire your thoroughness. You’ll succeed. I find the March challenge truly tough, but so rewarding as far as stretching myself as a writer. It’s priceless in that regard. Know that I’m cheering you on and that I am looking forward to reading some more of your posts!

  2. You can do it. The community is here to support on the days when ideas and stamina are low. The new grandson will be super exciting inspiration for writing.

  3. I love knowing others are hesitant because I sure am! The anticipation of another baby and what it will bring to you and your family will fuel much writing! Can’t wait to hear the news! Oh – a slice could be a birth announcement to our TWT community! Thanks for sharing!

  4. This week is always the hardest for me -second guessing! Once we are in it we will be fine!! Right??!! Love the new website!! Onward –see you on Thursday.

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