March for Our Lives Boston: Day 25 #SOL18

Today is day 25 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.

March for Our Lives Boston

It was out of my typical behavior to participate in a march, to take a political stand, to make my voice be heard, but this was different. This was about the kids.  This was about children’s lives.  This was against most everything I believed in and worked for, making schools a place of safety and comfort.  Of course I would go!

I made my signs, packed my bag, and arrived in town before the 2pm rally began.  I kept wondering if my presence would make a difference.  My questions were many: Would I be another voice drowning in the bureaucracy?  Would I be another person carrying the same old sign with a muted message?  Would my teacher voice be a blah, blah, blah, much like Charlie Brown’s teacher?  

Once there I 53a510c2-1805-4454-a4f9-bcc5b2e5d417quickly realized that I indeed could make difference. My questions were quelled.  I was one more voice crying enough. One more voice shouting no more. One more voice drowning out the opposition. One more voice speaking up for my grandchildren.  One more voice proudly urging our youth to continue on.  I was one more voice and that voice mattered.  As did all the voices that marched on Saturday.  50,000 voices in Boston, 800,000 voices in Washington DC, and the thousands upon thousands of other voices that marched to make their outrage be heard! 




I made the good and right decision to march yesterday.  I felt proud to be in attendance shouting enough with my daughter and my best friends by my side.  My voice does make a difference!  I feel hopeful that all our voices shouting No More will make a difference this time.  The young people are taking charge.  We have taught them well and they are taking the lead in saying ENOUGH! 


“My grandfather had a dream that his four little children would not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream that enough is enough. That this should be a gun-free world. Period.”  

Quote from 9-year-old Yolanda Renee King, the eldest granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.




5 Replies to “March for Our Lives Boston: Day 25 #SOL18”

  1. I marched in Portland, OR yesterday. As an introvert, crowds aren’t my thing, but like you I was impressed by the student organizers. I was happy to be “One more voice proudly urging our youth to continue on. “

  2. So glad you went. I marched to. When getting into downtown Phila. became too much effort, we headed to the next closest march. It was moving. It was inspiring. It was unforgettable. It was good trouble. Best wishes for a lovely day.

  3. Thank you for being there. I feel hopeful when I see that not only in Hartford, but around the world people are coming together with this shared purpose. And now another step, and another…to vote, to write, maybe to run.

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