Hip-Hip-Horray! Day 31 #SOL

Today is day 31 of the month long writing challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers.


Today is the last day of the month long challenge.  It feels great to once again be successful in writing each day for these last 31 days.  This year I am most proud of the fact that I wrote quick and fast, something I could never have done on year one of taking on this challenge.  I do judge that challenging myself with my participation in the March challenge and the Tuesday slice posts for three years has made a difference in how I approach writing. I am no longer fearful when I get to the keyboard.  Many times my fingers fly off the page. That is not to say I don’t have days when writing comes slow – there are those days. But now I have strategies to guide me through those moments – mostly to just type away!

As I look back on my 31 day days I feel proud!

I have experimented with my writing, crafting bold beginnings and thoughtful endings, infusing my sense of humor, and using the same elaboration techniques I teach my students.

I have spoken like a bluebird, cursed a few geese, and marveled at the eagle.

I welcomed a new grandson, recalled song titles, and reminisced about family hikes.

I shared my travels to Haiti, lamented record snowstorms, and cursed the damage left behind.

I penned stories of grapefruit, cookies, and butter.

I met new friends as a member of the welcome wagon, and enjoyed re-connecting with old slicing friends.

What a month of growth! Thank you to the team at Two Writing Teachers.

See you all on Tuesday!

5 Replies to “Hip-Hip-Horray! Day 31 #SOL”

  1. It has been quite a month — seems so long when you revisit the month in that way. Wasn’t Haiti last year??!! I will miss our daily connections but look forward to some time by the lake this summer. Thank you.

  2. And you should feel proud! I do, too, after finishing my second SOLC, and head back into my 2nd year of Tuesday slicing and Poetry Friday-ing. And I, too, have experimented and tried out a few new tricks. Yeah for all of us. See you Tuesday!

  3. I agree that sometimes you just need to let the keys go and write fast and furious.. some of my best writing occurs that way! 🙂 Congratulations on your new grandson and on completing another 31 days of writing!

  4. So true that it gets easier than it did in the first couple of years. Thank you for being part of the Welcome Wagon. It’s a big commitment, and we really appreciate it. I will miss the almost daily connections with you and your beautiful lake-side life! See you Tuesdays.

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