Which One?

Which One?


The envelope sat

waiting for me on the front porch

large and brown

with padding to protect the precious cargo inside

soaking up the late afternoon sunshine

begging to be opened immediately

I scooped up the parcel

and placed it carefully on the table

to be opened at just the right time

not to be rushed or taken lightly

when that right time arrives

I tear open one corner

being careful not to rip the contents

the aroma of the new books escape

filling the air

with hope and optimism

catching me by surprise

I pause and look at my treasures

grinning about my little self-indulgence

thumbing through the pages

marveling at the possibilities


at the thought of next week’s vacation

and dreaming

of diving in


But now I have a dilemma…

How will I decide which one to enjoy first?



Thank you to the community at Two Writing Teachers for providing a place and space to practice and share the craft of writing.  Won’t you consider joining in?

6 Replies to “Which One?”

  1. Oh… I LOVED Kids First From Day One — so I think you can’t go wrong! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Thanks for supporting our work!

  2. I love how you exploded this moment, infusing it with all your anticipation. I, too, had a package waiting for me when I got home yesterday and look forward to diving into it over spring break (Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s Poems Are Teachers). I appreciate your dilemma, but at least you know you’re a winner regardless of which book you enjoy first! Happy Reading!

  3. What a great dilemma to have! I read Kids First this weekend and immediately put it on the list for my summer suitcase (I am packing one suitcase of first days supplies in case my shipping does not make it before my new school year starts this summer, as I know it is one I will want to reread then). It’s All About the bOoks is on my “to buy” list when I visit the US this summer:)

  4. I like how you created that anticipation of opening the package. I was right there with you! I know you will enjoy both of those as you “marvel at the possibilities.”

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