Lake Life

It’s Tuesday and I’m joining the wonderful community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Won’t you consider joining in!

April is National Poetry Month and I’m challenging myself to write poems for my Tuesday slices.  Once again the lake right outside my window is my inspiration, coming back to life after a long cold winter.

Lake Life


Just outside my window

and past the lush green grass

lies the lake called Maspenock

home to blue gill and bass.

The cool and clean spring waters

lap the shore with the breeze

licking walls of eroded stones

and towering white pine trees.

Eagles, swan and wood duck

grace the skies of blue above

While boaters, swimmers and boarders

enjoy the waters they love.

No matter if a sunrise or set

the colors shine anew

leaving on the mirrored lake

splendor of incredible hue.

The lake evokes such warmth and peace

in this lovely cabin nest

I know without a doubt

that I am truly blessed.

7 Replies to “Lake Life”

  1. This is a lovely poem. I like the rhyme quite a lot. It has the effect of the gentle ebb and flow of lake waves.

  2. Lovely – I feel as if I am sipping my coffee lakeside. Thank you for this beautiful wake-up call.

  3. All the way from here,
    from way across the lake
    of mirrors, I watch you shimmer
    like surface tension, small knots
    of the world moving
    ever outward as I toss in
    yet another pebble,
    watching our reflections
    distort, beautiful and distinct.

    — Kevin, inspired by your poem and the imagery of the lake.

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