Read, Reflect, Toss #SOL18

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Read, Reflect, Toss

It’s summer and I’m excited to finally have the time to read a few professional books slowly and with purpose.  This gift of time allows me to stop and jot leisurely and with intent, taking lots of notes along the way.  I love the lack of scheduled days that afford me to engage in this meaningful practice.

But this week, as I watch my “grandpuppy” for a few days my reading habit needs to be tweaked to accommodate a very needy dog.  So I invented read, reflect, toss.

Read a few pages until the dog whines…img_0555

Reflect on what I just read…

Toss the floating toy in the water…




How do you accommodate to changes in your reading habits?

300 Posts: #SOL18

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300 posts

Today I celebrate the writing of 300 posts!

I began my blogging journey on January 5, 2014 after reading other bloggers write what they called “slices.”  I decided to try my hand at writing one myself even though I didn’t really know what the word meant, I just wanted to be a teacher who wrote.  Over the years I’ve discovered this manner of learning by diving in has its pluses and minuses,  but I will NEVER regret jumping in to this beloved community of writers.

Each week this tribe shows me to write with my heart and my soul, to take risks and to be vulnerable.  This writing community reminds me that writing is work, work that takes time, energy and focus, and sometimes chocolate too!  Finally, this community reminds me of the importance of being part of a group of writers that support each other through the sharing of comments and resources.

This week I celebrate the writing of 300 posts – but what I am really celebrating is being part of a wonderful group of like minded people that accept my writing – and me – each and every Tuesday!

Thank you Two Writing Teachers Community!

Summer Calendar #SOL

It’s Tuesday and I am joining the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers today.  Check it out!


Summer is on the horizon with only twelve days of school remaining in the 2017-2018 school year.  As of writing this post my summer plans include a short vacation with the kids, leading  a few PD opportunities, participating in the learning at #cyberpd, and of course some summer reading.  Yes, learning is typically at the top of my agenda, but I also realize that I need some time to read fun books, relax, exercise, and catch up with friends. Unfortunately for the last few summers I have found my balance of fun and professional reading has been unbalanced, the catching up with friends has not happened as often as I’d like, and plans for fun quickly go by the wayside.  The days of summer fly by and suddenly it’s late August and my dreams for summer fun fade.  So this year I am taking a page from the book:  It’s All About the Books by Clare Landrigan and Tammy Mulligan.  Clare and Tammy suggest giving our students a calendar to block out their summer activities and add where and what they can read. My idea is to take that calendar idea and adapt it to plan out my summer.

After printing out a blank calendar, I’d start with my number one priority, putting in my family vacation and days to play with the grandbabies.  I’d add my summer reading goals on the side margins, making sure that the professional and personal books are balanced appropriately.  I’d make note of a few days to do something fun with friends, and even a day or two here and there for something fun for myself.  Finally, I’d leave a few day intentionally blank so that I can get lost in a great read!

As I think about the possibilities that this calendar idea holds for me and my summer wellness, I grow excited.  I want to print out that calendar and get started right away.  I see the possibilities for balance within reach using this tool.  Sharing this post publicly means I now have to follow through with making this a reality so I guess the second entry on this calendar will be Tuesday SOL check-ins to share my progress!

Stay tuned.