Paddling and Pausing

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Paddling and Pausing

It was going to be a hot one so plans were made in my head to grab a quick bite of breakfast and head out on the paddle board for some quiet exercise alone on the lake before anyone awoke. The lake was calm and tranquil at 7am as I took my first strokes of the morning.

As I moved through the waters I felt so alive. Not being one to venture out alone, this was a new adventure for me. The solitude of the morning was spiritual in nature as I coasted past rock formations and jumping fish searching for their morning meals.

I rounded the corner to visit the marsh area only to be surprised with water lilies just starting to bloom. Their white blossoms were happily bobbing on the surface and bringing a smile to my face. I wished for my camera to capture the moment, yet I know my feet are not yet quite steady enough on this new board to take that risk. As I turn out of the cove a small turtle dove down in front of me quickly darting my board and escaping my view. He looked like a small snapper and I quickly held on to his beauty while trying to dismiss the fact that this snapper swims nearby.

I made my way towards home marveling at all I saw in my alone time on my board. I started my day with a peaceful resolve and I arrived home to my dock with the promise to make this a regular habit.

#OLW (one little word) – pause

2 Replies to “Paddling and Pausing”

  1. your post is a marvelous tribute to our OLW. I admire your paddle-boarding skills…it’s hard! BUT, the chance to see the magic of the morning on the lake….I would find a way…..perhaps in a kayak…it doesn’t require as much balance!

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