Being the Change – week 1 #cyberPD

Being the Change – Week 1: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change. Here are a few of my gleanings from the readings of week 1.

My first sketch notes some of my important take aways.



In my second sketch I adapted the “At First I thought… Now I think…” idea to make note of some of the changes I’d make in my work as a result of the lessons / ideas outlined in the first two chapters.


6 Replies to “Being the Change – week 1 #cyberPD”

  1. I agree with Tammy and Clare — I love #cyberPD for learning together and then learning more together! Ha! 🙂 Beautiful sketch noting! (I’m jealous of anyone trying it out …) I also appreciate that you tweaked the “I used to think/Now I think” reflection format to work for you and how you will amplify and implement your new learning. I think all of us have a foundation of this work and want to do better and through Sara’s ideas and lessons, we can take community, identity, relationships, and connectedness to a deeper level a make a bigger impact. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  2. I love how you took on the First I thought, Now I think prompt and changed it to make it work for you. I am going to try that with my next post (as well as that sketchnoting thing…I need to dive in.)

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