Being the Change – Week 2 #cyberPD

Being the Change – Week 2: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change. Here are a few of my reflections and sketches from the readings of week 2.

Chapter 3:  After creating this sketchnote and looking at my drawings I was reflecting on candor and that it is similar to me taking a selfie – sometimes I like what I see – my smile, the people I am with, and the place I am at.  Other times I am disappointed as I am not looking at the camera, the background disappears, and I cut people I love out of the picture.  I think I need to dwell on these similarities a little more!


Chapter 4:  I loved how Sara has us continually revisiting our identity web.  My biggest personal take away is the how my identity impacts the way we react to news.    EPSON MFP image

2 Replies to “Being the Change – Week 2 #cyberPD”

  1. I also (again!) appreciate your sketch notes! Love the synthesis and take-aways. Tying our identity to all the work throughout the book is a big ah-ha for me and how our identity affects how we respond to our world. I like how the work is building on itself. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for sharing your visual notes with us. It certainly helped me to think back through key ideas. Like you, I appreciate the way Sara continually returns to our identity and the way it impacts what we do and how we make sense of our world. I do appreciate her message that our identities continue to grow as does the way we work to understand others.

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