Ode to Messy Geese

Today is Slice of Life Tuesday over at Two Writing Teachers.  Take a peek at this wonderful and supportive writing community and consider joining in!

Ode to Messy Geesegeese

They sit and wait

huddled together like a team

plotting and planning

waiting for their coach’s signal.

Ready, Set, Go!


And go they do

making me stoop and bend

collecting their stuff

in a plastic grocery bag.

Ready, Set, Go!


I resent your intrusion

stinking up the lawn and lake

fly far, far, away

and leave your mark elsewhere.

Ready, Set, GO!





One Reply to “Ode to Messy Geese”

  1. Your “Ode to Messy Geese” reminded me of the “mess” of my nieces and nephews, a mess that always seems most chaotic in the summer. I love their mess, but I”m assuming you don’t feel the same about the geese! (Who can blame you?) Enjoy them anyway; they are a reminder of the simple habits of fellow species.

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