Being the Change – Week 3 #cyberPD

Living out Being the Change – Week 3: #cyberPD

I am once again participating in the #cyberPD hosted by Cathy Mere and Michelle Nero. This year we are reading Sara K. Ahmed’s book: Being the Change.  Below are my final  thoughts and plans to move this work forward.

Who Am I?

I asked myself this question numerous times throughout the reading of this book.  Each chapter had me digging deeper into my identity and reflecting on how that translates not only into my teaching but more importantly my everyday being.  Sara’s words had me thinking about my upbringing, my emotions, my universe of obligation, and who I choose to be.  All of these conditions impact how I respond (or not respond) to teaching social comprehension.

As a result of reading and sharing this book with the cyberPD community, I am driven to make changes.  I am in awe of Sara’s wisdom and well laid out plans which makes implementation look easy.  However,  I know I must work at these ideas by first looking inward and then and only then can I move ahead with teaching social comprehension.

My ideas for living out Being the Change (and making my thinking visible:)

  • be better informed – read more news from various sources
  • add books to my mentor text box that more widely represent the “windows” and “mirrors” of our students
  • be open to listening with heart to each student’s news
  • embrace news that is buzzing around the room and avoid shoving it under the rug
  • consider my biases and work towards diminishing them
  • share this book with others
  • Above all else remember that I AM a work in progress!


My notes from the final two chapters:

Sketchnotes Chapter 5:EPSON MFP image

Chapter 6:EPSON MFP image


One Reply to “Being the Change – Week 3 #cyberPD”

  1. I am at number 6….I want to be proactive, but am unsure how to move forward outside my classroom. I know how to do it there, and am grateful for the things I have learned in this book. But I feel like there is more and I need to figure it out.

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