Questions for an Eagle : Poetry Friday

I’m trying a new writing challenge and sharing a bird related poem over at Poetry Friday hosted today by Christie over at Wondering and Wandering.  Thanks for the gentle nudge Christie!

poetry Friday

Questions for an Eagle


Dear Mr. or Mrs. Eagle

Why don’t you get along?spread-wings.jpg

The seagulls sit nicely with the heron.

The ducks swim along side the geese.

But you?

You come by and everyone takes to the skies.


You monopolize the rocks

Eating your fish dinner in solitude.eating fish

Maybe they are fearful of your sharp talons

or possibly your gripping beak

worried that they will be your next meal.

And your call:

Kwit, kwit, kwit, kwit

Kee, kee, kee. kee, ker

Seems to say

Get out of my way

Like you are the king,

or the queen,

I don’t quite know

because your coloring is the same.

Despite it all

I gawk at your beauty

and wonder at your size.

Oh dear eagle

stay close by.


7 Replies to “Questions for an Eagle : Poetry Friday”

  1. I guess he is the ‘top bird’, and I like your questions, and then your relenting to the beauty is a surprise. Lovely observations!

  2. I like the idea of a “Questions for…” poem. I think I’ll suggest it to my students. Nice one! Ruth,

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