Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

It’s Tuesday and I’m posting alongside some really great writers over at Two Writing Teachers.  Take a peek!

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

It’s August 21st and according to Starbucks the Pumpkin Spice Latte will be made available next Tuesday, August 28th.  The news story went on to say that this is the earliest date they have released the fall flavored treat.  Coincidentally on that same day that those fall beverages arrive, our district greet all staff members for the traditional teacher report back day, marking our official start of fall routines.  I say official because we all know we have been hard at work getting ready for weeks now prepping classrooms and materials.  For me, summer is a time to catch up on all those great summer reads that begin to stack up over the school year.

I had the opportunity to read several professional texts this summer filled with great advice and insight so much so that I decided to go back to the books to capture a few quotes that might help set the tone for the year. Here are the most powerful quotes I hope will fill me with energy in my work this year – with the help of a latte or two!

Kids First From Day 1 by Christine Hertz and Kristi Mraz:  “The relationships you form with your students provide the safe and sturdy foundation for all other learning to come, and the empathy you model sends a powerful message about how we treat each other in the world.” p.8

Enticing Hard to Reach Writers by Ruth Ayres: “Every single student has an important story to offer the world.” p. 31

Being the Change by Sara K. Ahmed: “Kids mirror the language and behaviors adults exhibit.  So it is up to the adults in their lives to model compassion for them.  We have to take it head on. I consider it a responsibility.” p. xxiii

It’s All About the Books by Tammy Mulligan, Clare Landrigan : “There is nothing more powerful that taking the time to simply talk with our students about books.  When we base our conversations on the interests, questions, passions, and responses of the reader, we ensure that our focus will be on the reader and not the reading. ” p. 102

Engaging Children by Ellin Oliver Keene: – “If we believe students can think and learn and engage at high level, they will.” p.58

A Guide to Reading Workshop, Intermediate Grades, by Lucy Calkins: “…the single most important condition for literacy learning is that a person needs mentors who are joyful literate people, who demonstrate what it means to live joyfully literate lives.” p. 18

As I look at these words I realize I have my work cut out for me.  I am looking forward to the challenge of:

  • modeling compassion and empathy
  • talking AND truly listening to my students and readers
  • setting high standards for thinking and learning
  • sharing my joy for literacy

This certainly will be no small task.  It’s a good thing those pumpkin spice lattes are coming out early this year.  I think I might need one after all!






One Reply to “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice”

  1. You included such a great treasure trove of rich resources! I also really love your four, worthy goals for this year!

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