Floating Along

It’s Tuesday and I’m sharing my slice of life story with the community over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you join in?

Floating Along

I first saw the float on a warm afternoon about a week ago as I was looking out my living room window. It wasn’t a flimsy tube rather a rather fancy variety with head and arm rests. My first peek of that float had me looking twice because I thought someone was resting on it, but being a cool evening I looked again and confirmed it was simply a runaway float.

The air was still and I spent several minutes watching the craft drift slowly in a rather willy nilly manner. I was mesmerized by the seemingly lack of direction and walked away to eat dinner. My curiosity had the better of me so as soon as I finished dinner I peered out the window only to see the float had crossed the lake and was rounding the corner beyond my house.

As I watched the tube drift out of sight I wondered who it belonged to and whether or not they were missing their fancy float. Maybe the owner’s didn’t even know it was gone. As the tube disappeared around the bend I thought maybe the tube knows its way home!

For two days I watched with intent the travels of this float. Many times I thought it crazy that I would spend so much time transfixed on an inflatable float but there was something drawing me in, keeping me focused. Maybe it was the pleasant distraction from the hub-bub of the start of the school year, an escape from the ordinary. Whatever the reason I was hooked.

On day three the float settled in to a spot on the rocks in the middle of the lake. There it sat for two days seemingly content in this new home away from home. I figured this would be it’s final resting place. Mother Nature had different plans however because late that night a storm blew in with wild winds causing the once calm lake to be covered with white caps. I lay in bed in the dark of the night wondering how the float was fairing on choppy waters. The next morning I immediately looked out the window to find that the float was no longer stuck on the rocks. It had disappeared.

It’s been a week now and I haven’t seen any evidence of my floating friend. I stare out the window and wonder where it could be. Was it rescued by it’s rightful owners? Does it sit deflated at the bottom of the lake? Or…maybe, just maybe, it bobs happily along the surface in a hidden cove enjoying the last gentle breezes of the summer.

2 Replies to “Floating Along”

  1. Love this — you had me engaged from the first word. What a great example of you plot to draw in your reader! This is a great piece to share with students — you never know when your next topic will emerge. You have to keep watching and update us…

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