Dear … Coffee

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Dear … Coffee

Please note that the brand name has been removed to protect the innocent.

I love your coffee.  I really do.  I switched away from the little pods in June and I’ll never go back.  Partially because you don’t make your coffee in the little plastic cups, you only package your grounds in small bags with the intent to be brewed as way coffee should be brewed.  The aroma of the grounds early in the morning sets me off on the right foot.  And the scent of that coffee brewing fills my house with a fragrance that makes me yearn for my first sip.  I know… all good things must wait, like coffee, brewing the way it should!

But when I went to the cupboard today I noticed you changed your packaging.  Gone were the two little tabs that opened and then closed your bag. In their place was a little tab to pull open.  I am sure the tab was designed to keep an air lock and thus allowing for the coffee to remain fresh but this morning I struggle to yank the tab free from the package and rendering me unable to open the bag.  Without my coffee I feel weak and unable to think.  I am left with a still tightly sealed bag.  How do I pry open this zippered top?  More wrestling happens and finally I see the grounds.  I attempt to slip in my trusty scoop but lo and behold it doesn’t fit in the small opening.  I wrangle with the bag and decide it might be best to pour the coffee into my scoop.  Successful but messy.  Coffee made and time to clean up.  I place the scoop in the bag for tomorrow’s dose and the bag won’t close.  The opening is much smaller than the previous package.  I push and shove and finally jam the scoop into the bag.  “This coffee better be worth the inconvenience!” I mutter.

Ahhh… the first sip.  OK, yes it is worth the hassle.  I guess all good things must wait and yes, good things can be improved upon too. I approve!


5 Replies to “Dear … Coffee”

  1. I had to wrestle open a family pack of green beans tonight so I could feel your pain since I just experienced a tough top. That said, if it were coffee, I would’ve persisted — like you did — because I need my daily dose!

  2. Now you have me wondering what brand it is! Change is hard for sure — and I agree everything is better after coffee. Love your use of humor and using your thoughts to guide the reader through the story. Kids will love this piece!

  3. We start our day with fresh filter coffee. We get pure coffee powder, it does not have chicory in it. I make fresh decoction in my coffee filter. We like the coffee strong and I drink without sugar because I like my coffee bitter.

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