Stink Bug

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Stink Bug

“Ewww!” I mumbled to myself as I was driving across town yesterday.  I overtaken with  this funky smell and I didn’t know where it was coming from.  The road crews were busily digging up the street so I assumed it was related and I continued driving along.

A little further down the road I felt something tickling my neck.  I figured it was a tag from my new jacket rubbing against my skin so I reached around my collar and couldn’t feel anything suspicious and returned my hand to the wheel.  The tickle feeling continued.  As I was searching for the source I felt something on my hand move.  That’s when I glanced over to my hand and realized it was not a little strap but rather a large beetle.  I squealed and quickly flicked the bug off my hand.  Where did he go?  I didn’t want to be surprised again, but I also had to concentrate on the road.  A bug is one thing, but a car accident is quite another!   I was rather distracted with one eye on the road and another looking around to find the mystery bug.  I arrived at my destination and pulled into the parking lot where I spotted the rather large bug was crawling on the front seat.  After putting the car into park I reached across the front seats, opened the car door and swatted him outside.  He made a quick exit out into the fresh air, which made me wonder who was happier to be let free.

As I settled back into my seat I noticed the scent had returned to my car.  I’ve seen these stink bugs around the building at school , but never had I ever experienced the aroma they leave behind.  Despite the many hand washings I still detected the slightest whiff of stink bug on my clothes all day long.  I am not certain anyone could smell the remnants of the stink bug incident, but I certainly judged it as a stinky day!

Stink Bug Facts & Information from PestWorld for Kids

Stink bugs facts thanks to:

Originally found in East Asia, stink bugs were not even reported in the United States until the late 1990’s! They get their name from an unpleasant odor released when you crush them or when they are protecting their homes.

  • Size: 3/4″
  • Shape: Triangular
  • Color: Brown, gray or dark green
  • Legs: 6
  • Wings: Yes
  • Antenna: Yes
  • Common Name: Stink bug
  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Arthropoda
  • Class: Insecta
  • Order: Hemiptera
  • Family: Pentatomidae
  • Species: Halymorpha halys


Stink bugs eat leaves, flowers, fruit and crops like soybeans. They also eat other pests, such as caterpillars.


Stink bugs live in orchards, gardens and farms.


2 Replies to “Stink Bug”

  1. I currently big cockroach phobia since moving to NYC and this post gave me all the (creepy) feels! I have never experienced stink bugs, but anything crawling on our neck is EEEK! Sounds like a great small moment story that kids would love!

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