Antique Joy

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Antique Joy

They sat there on the counter newly washed. Eight pretty thanksgiving bowls I bought at an antique store a few weeks ago right after offering to host my family for the holiday.  As soon as I saw these beauties I knew I had to have them for my thanksgiving holiday table. They looked so pretty and I immediately envisioned filling them with little servings of all the delicious flavors the day brings.  Seeing these bowls in the store confirmed my decision that hosting sixteen adults and five babies under three for Thanksgiving dinner was the right choice!

It’s rather funny how these plates have shifted my thinking about the busy day and to keep the joy front and center. The rose colored flowers and the pink berried edging look so festive and elegant and remind me of simpler times when families gathered more regularly. Each time I stare at these cuties a small smile crosses my face and I am reminded to try not be bogged down with lists of what’s left to cook, to clean, or to organize in the two short days remaining.  I am choosing instead to embrace the importance of sharing life’s little pleasures with those I love and care about.  I am indeed grateful that I have such a loving family that will gather around the table I set to share a grand meal served up on these lovely little antiques. And I know they too will smile at the little gobbler smiling back at them.

3 Replies to “Antique Joy”

  1. What a find! The plates are gorgeous.That you found them right after agreeing to host the dinner seems like it was meant to be. I, too, can see the food in them – and feel the love and the joy. Here’s to savoring it all!

  2. Those plates are beautiful as is this line: “I am choosing instead to embrace the importance of sharing life’s little pleasures with those I love and care about.” Thanks for the reminder. Happy Thanksgiving!

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