Holiday -ings

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My holiday -ings





















Boy! I’ve been busy doing lots of Th – INGS!

Happy Holidays!





It’s All in a Name

Bebe.  That’s the name I chose for myself three years ago while awaiting my first grandchild to be born.   I wanted something unique and easy to say.  After much talk and thought, Bebe came to be.  I love my new name especially when spoken lovingly by my two oldest grandchildren.


So imagine my surprise when I was gifted with a cute ceramic box with the words “Be Be Be Be” written across it on little lines that looked like school notepaper. I chuckled at the thoughtful gift with “my name” scribed across the front.  I placed it on my kitchen windowsill and smiled.

Then I thought again… Be Be… the gift was calling me to BE, to slow down and enjoy each moment, especially when it comes to my grandchildren.  Isn’t that what a grandmother is all about? Being?!

Suddenly my name took on a whole new meaning!


Musical Tree

It’s Tuesday and I’m sharing my slice of life story with the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers blog.  Check it out!
Our mom and dad, George and Teresa Dodd, always fostered a love of music in us, their children.  Both of them were musically inclined and modeled for us how music can be a gift to others.  George and Terry sang in various groups entertaining at senior centers, in nursing homes, and for veterans. They also encouraged us, their seven children, to use that gift to benefit others. Since there were seven singing siblings, we were often compared to the VonTrapps in the Sound of Music. At holiday gatherings mom and dad would often have us singing My Favorite Things or Edelweiss, much to our dismay.  Looking back over the years and the singing gigs we had, we now understand and appreciate this gift given to us and cherish music in our lives.
While our dad passed away from cancer in December of 1994, this tree is dedicated to both of our parents, George and Terry Dodd, for their love of family and the “Sound of Music.” Thanks to them the hills will be filled with that sound of music evermore.

Thus read the tribute I wrote to be placed on the Christmas tree we bought and decorated to be raffled off for a cancer fundraiser at our church.  The tree was planned to be in memory of my mom and dad and so it was fitting that the siblings would work together to make the tree a reality.

Six of the seven siblings gathered on a sunny Saturday morning to make ornaments using the old sheet music we found in the piano bench at our family home.  We laughed, cried, and had a wonderful time together crafting all sorts of paper ornaments and garland to grace the tree.  Each ornament we made had a story to tell, a song to be sung.  Some of the sheet music we used carried meaning and memories, and others simply songs that were long forgotten. We glued and glittered for hours and then said our goodbyes with hugs and tears.

The day of the raffle came and yes, I dropped a raffle ticket in the box to hopefully win this tree, but alas it was not meant to be. My hope is that the family that won this tree will continue to foster the love of music with their family much like my mom and dad did for us.