It’s All in a Name

Bebe.  That’s the name I chose for myself three years ago while awaiting my first grandchild to be born.   I wanted something unique and easy to say.  After much talk and thought, Bebe came to be.  I love my new name especially when spoken lovingly by my two oldest grandchildren.


So imagine my surprise when I was gifted with a cute ceramic box with the words “Be Be Be Be” written across it on little lines that looked like school notepaper. I chuckled at the thoughtful gift with “my name” scribed across the front.  I placed it on my kitchen windowsill and smiled.

Then I thought again… Be Be… the gift was calling me to BE, to slow down and enjoy each moment, especially when it comes to my grandchildren.  Isn’t that what a grandmother is all about? Being?!

Suddenly my name took on a whole new meaning!


6 Replies to “It’s All in a Name”

  1. I am a brand new grandmother, as of Friday. I think I want to be Mae Mae, but I love your Be Be and what it really means. This morning I heard a message, “Be the love this Christmas.” Yes, you can Be the Love!

  2. This post made my heart jump. I saw it when I was in the second paragraph – the location of the illustration was powerful. Be – is absolutely perfect. Maybe a OLW … have a great day.

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