Writing Joy

Writing Joy

Every Tuesday for the last several years I have written and posted a slice of life story on my blog.  I also link that blog post to the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Both of these habits were initiated in an effort to improve as a teacher of writing, with the thought that you can’t teach writing without being a writer yourself.  In the many years since I began blogging, I have grown in my understanding of writing and more importantly I have gained a deeper sense of empathy for the writers in front of me in the classroom.

So here it is another Monday night and once again I am struggling with coming up with writing a cohesive post. It seems to be a common struggle lately. I could list a load of reasons for not spending the time on my writing, and that wouldn’t matter.  What matters is the underlying reason: I haven’t been prioritizing my writing.  Writing has become a task to accomplish on Monday night and I judge it is reflected in the end product, my Tuesday posts.  I am writing without purpose (my OLW).  I am writing without joy.

I think we all know students who appear unmotivated to write.  I wonder if, like me, they too don’t know why they are writing or who they are writing for.  Like me, they may go through the motions because they don’t have a purpose in writing.  If those students are like me, they just might need to be given a spark to get the joy back.  For me, my spark comes from a renewed commitment to living my life with writers eyes.  Taking note of the small moments happening around me and then recording those times in my writers notebook.  Simply put, I need to live a writerly life. I need to live with my eyes wide open, appreciating each moment and taking the time to jot down those moments in my writing notebook.  That’s where I find my writing joy!

How about you?  How do you keep the joy and find purpose in writing?


I am so appreciative of the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers. Take a peek and consider joining in!

8 Replies to “Writing Joy”

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  2. I have been writing for Slice of life for almost one and half years. Every week I write a letter to my aunt, my father’s elder brother’s wife. She is 88 and is not able to go out. She cannot hear well on the phone. Every day I write down what I have done that day. End of the week I write the letter. We both enjoy ourselves. I edit these letters and post them every week in Slice of life.

  3. I clicked on your post because I feel the same way-that I am writing to complete a task and not for joy. And I think my stories lack an emotional connection. I’ve never kept a writer’s notebook (maybe it’s time). I’m most inspired through the photos I take and have not taken very many great ones lately. You’ve inspired me to get back to my ‘writerly life’. Love that!!! 🙂 And thanks!

  4. I can relate a lot to this post. I have struggled with my Slice writing for a few months. Life feels overwhelming sometimes and I don’t feel like writing that. But sometimes it feels like all I have to say. Until I stop and look at the small parts of the day- the little noticings- the writer’s eyes. I am happier when I stop now and then to bear witness to what is happening and write about it. Thanks for this post! Hope your joy comes back.

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