Diary of a Perfect Birthday

It’s Tuesday and I’m sharing my slice of life post with the writing community over at Two Writing Teachers.  Take a peek and consider joining in!


Diary of a Perfect Birthday

6:45: I slept in late and awoke to the sun shining in my bedroom window.  I spotted several bluebirds perched on the branches.  I smiled thinking that it was my 60th birthday and I was greeted with the bluebirds of happiness on this special day. It’s not often that I enjoy the comforts of my sunny bedroom and warm down-filled bedding, but today I luxuriated in the knowledge that I could stay put for a bit of time.  It was quite elegant to snuggle under the covers enjoying the quiet of the morning, reading and watching the birds. It was a peaceful way to enter this special day.  A day that promised to be filled with all sorts of busy-ness and to dos.

7:30: The smell of homemade waffles filled the air as I made my way down the stairs.  My daughter Sarah greeted me with a happy birthday wish.  The first wish of many that day I was sure.

9:00: Since my first “appointment” for the day wasn’t until noon, I decided to take a few minutes to write a few overdue thank you notes.  Writing personalized notes to friends and family reminds me of the power of the written word.

10:00: My afternoon was to be spent crafting with my siblings, scheduled time out of the house so that the decorating could begin without me hanging around. I gathered my painting supplies and chose my clothes for the day.  I started to wonder what the mystery theme would be for the big surprise party to come.

11:15: I enjoyed a quick snack before showering, leaving my hair damp for the impending haircut and style.

12:05: My hairdresser arrived at the house for a rare in home appointment.


I knew I wanted to get my haircut and blow out for the party and my kids wanted me to get it styled to match the secret-to-me theme of the party.  My mind was spinning with guesses as Rachel pinned and curled my hair.  “Am I going to a 50’s party?’ “A sock hop?” “I know… Downton Abbey!”  My guess was confirmed by my daughters and I started to grow even more excited about the evening. Would they dress me as Mary, or Cora, or the elderly Countess of Grantham?  I would have to wait to find out!

2:15: I rushed out the door to head to my sister’s art studio to enjoy some crafting time with my siblings.  I had thought I’d be there by 2:00, but my styling took a little longer than expected.  By the time I unpacked my supplies I barely had time to work on any project, but I enjoyed the time playing with paints and chatting with my siblings.

4:00: Next thing I knew it was time to clean up our projects. My sister Kathy was treating me to a pedicure, not just any old pedicure, rather one with hot rock massages and paraffin wax dips.  Ahhh… I was as chill as a cucumber.

5:35: I pulled into my garage and was directed to head straight to my best friend’s house next door.  A glass of champagne was handed to me as I was shown the dress and accouterments laid before me.  I put on the fringe and sequined bedazzled dress, added the pearls and rhinestone headband, donned the long black gloves and sparkling jewelry and walked out the door to head home to greet my fans. I felt a lot younger than sixty for sure!

7:00: The guests arrived all bedecked in appropriate garb.  There were pearls galore,

more fringe than ever imaginable, and fur coats aplenty.  My log cabin was transformed to the English manor for the evening, thanks to my kids.  Tea cups were filled with soup, fine china held cheese and crackers, and cocktail glasses held cocktails of course!  Laughter was easy as we waited for turns at the make shift photo booth with props at the ready.  It was a night filled with easy conversation, loads of smiles, and memories for sure.  I didn’t want the night to end but by 11:00 the guests said their goodbyes.

11:30:  With everyone gone I took one last look around and smiled.  My day was full and exhausting but memorable. Turning sixty isn’t that bad after all.


My children (the hosts) and me



9 Replies to “Diary of a Perfect Birthday”

  1. A Downton-themed party -? Too marvelous! Love the photos! Will leave you this favorite quote of mine from the Dowager Countess: “Don’t be defeatist, dear, it’s very middle class.” I so admire how you embraced your milestone in similar fashion – happy, happy birthday!

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