Family Harmony #SOL19 Day 21/31

I am once again participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge for the month of March.  This is the fourth year I have joined the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers in taking up this challenge of writing for 31 consecutive days.  I know it will be hard work but the growth will be immeasurable. Follow along!

Family Harmony

See you tonight at rehearsal!


I had invited my sister to join us in our church choir a few months ago and today she finally agreed.

I met my sister at the door, introduced her to my singing friends, and walked her to a seat right next to mine. Being a music teacher she had little trouble joining in and singing the new music with ease. It was nice having an expert next to me, someone who could read music and find that right harmony without effort. I could follow along and not miss as many notes as I usually do. We had a few minutes to catch up on family news in between songs, sharing pictures and quick snippets of stories. We parted ways in the parking lot after sharing a few chuckles about our rehearsal, and promising to be back next week.

As I was driving home I smiled thinking about how nice it was to have my sister singing along side of me. Harmonizing together brought back memories of family times. Seven children all together entertaining on stages in town, at family gatherings, and even at nursing homes. Our voices have brought joy to so many people over the years. Tonight however the joy was mine as I thought about how family voices meld together, so much so that they sound like one. Maybe it’s because they are one through past experiences, faith, and of course through love.

3 Replies to “Family Harmony #SOL19 Day 21/31”

  1. If you gave me a couple of song titles, I would have been singing along with you. It is truly a blessing to spend time with siblings and share our lives. I don’t do it nearly enough, but am thankful for each moment!

  2. From start to finish, I can feel the family bond of “experiences, faith, and … love.” Not having a sister, posts about “sister time” always make me a bit wistful. We were five growing up, me in the middle of four brothers. Love the play on words in your title.

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