Annual One Sided Conversation

It’s Slice of Life Tuesday and I’m joining the community of writers over at Two Writing Teachers. Won’t you consider joining in?

Annual One-Sided Conversation

Stand right here.

Lean forward.

A little more.

Right hand down by your side.

Left hand hold into the handle.

I hope my hands aren’t too cold.

A little bit of pressure.

Are you ok?

Don’t breathe.

Step back.

A little closer now.

Lean straight in.

Turn your head towards me.

Bend the knees a little.

Another light squeeze.

Great – now don’t move.

Hold your breath and stay still.


Two more and we’re done!

Turn sideways.

Left arm in the air.

Right arm here.

Twist your torso.

Last one.

Lean in again.

Further please.

Just one more.

Get a little closer now.

Turn this way.

You ok?


All set!

Now you can cross your mammogram off your to do list!

See you next year!

12 Replies to “Annual One Sided Conversation”

  1. I enjoyed the trying to guess throughout the poem and then rereading it again, now that I knew what was going on. You’ve captured their lines so well–were you taking notes? 🙂

  2. Oh my! Just had my cram-o-gram last week.
    Love the poem–all of us can relate. Why do they say, “Don’t breathe,” BEFORE they tell you to take a breath or something to get you ready? In my experience, the “Don’t breathe” directive comes precisely when I need to take a breath!

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